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please DO NOT EDIT

please DO NOT EDIT

please DO NOT EDIT

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Himchan: When I’m frustrated I always rant to Yongguk but in the end the replies he gives me are still so short. That’s our relationship
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Himchan can barely contain the feels

y so adorable and perfect for each other? 

where can I find someone who loves me as much as this? 

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Precious angel ♡

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Their smiles ♥
Their smiles

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YoungJae videobombing BANGHIM cams. lol

YoungJae, I envy you ~

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Bang Yongguk, I REALLY do want it.

Credits to this lovely person for blessing us with such a wonderful fancam
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Shut up Daehyun.

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10/ Moments of Yoo Youngjae