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Bang Yongguk Hula Hoop Professional since 2012


Playing with the viewfinder

Little things about a bored Kim Himchan ©

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Bang Yongguk a.k.a Maid-San ✿◠‿◠

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© mix match | Do not edit.
© mix match | Do not edit.
sometimes people forget how nice and caring Youngjae is, just because he acts sassy!
"He helps the group all the time."
- B.A.P (x)

"It  might make you think of him as a sort of a cold person. But if you get to know him in person, Youngjae is very sensible and caring."
- Daehyun (x)

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Daehyun + charades

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suga’s attractive beatboxing

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bts best beatbox and dancer

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ladies and gentlemen, the leader

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himup adventures in the kpopstars photoshoot

look this is me trying to be funny, but dont look too much tho what is anatomy, what is proportion, what is drawing

daehyun’s flower pose  /( ´ ▽ ` \✿)

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